As more and more countries have entered a lockdown period, depriving millions of Catholics worldwide of the Holy Eucharist, local parishes and Catholic associations are displaying a wealth of inventiveness to give support and infuse hope in the heart of the faithful.

One example is the Spanish online platform Católicos en Red, which has launched a virtual Catholic Music Festival within the framework of international digital campaign #StayHome (“#YoMeQuedoEnCasa” in Spain) to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

Started March 16 — with the support of the Spanish Episcopal Conference — the initiative is meant to “bring hope to those who are quarantined.” Every night at 8:30 p.m. (Spain time) until April 17, free 30-minute live concerts are being performed by Catholic artists on social networks, including Twitter and Instagram.

The artists who have joined the project so far include Athenas, Jesús Cabello, Marcelo Olima, Paola Pablo and César Hidalgo.

“Our temples are closed but the Church that we all are remains open,” the founder of Católicos en Red, Gabriel López Santamaría, told Vatican News. “Let’s give thanks that we have social networks as a means of communication and let’s not forget that these people have offered their time to keep us company,” he said.

In addition to brighten up the everyday lives of countless Catholics during the quarantine period, these musicians also seek to help civil and health authorities by encouraging people not to go out during the crisis.

The program and links to the different social media where each concert will be broadcast can be found here.